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Rotary and U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group Bring Clean Water to A Luoi Valley


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For the fortunate few, access to safe water is a given. We don’t worry about toxic chemicals lingering in our water supply, and we don’t develop serious health problems due to contaminated water.

Make Agent Orange History_Vietnam_dioxin_Rotarians in A Luoi

Rotarians visit the site of an irrigation ditch that will soon be replaced with a piped water system delivering clean and safe water to the people of Dong Son.

But for nearly 1300 residents of the Dong Son commune of the A Luoi District in the Thua-Thien-Hue Province of Vietnam, this nonchalance is a dream. Their community borders one of Vietnam’s 28 toxic ‘hot spots’ where Agent Orange/dioxin was stored or sprayed during the war.

Fortunately, thanks to the U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group and the Rotary Foundation, the people of Dong Son will soon rest easier. Construction is nearly complete on a piped water system that will bring filtered and safe water from two small dams to the west of the village into the Dong Son commune. The project is designed, built and soon to be operated by the Thua-Thien-Hue Water Company. It will cost $70,000.

The A Luoi Water Project is now fully funded, but there are many more communities in need. Many ‘hot spots’ in Vietnam remain in urgent need of attention. If you are interested in donating money to help those living in these areas, please contact Mr. Nguyen Tien Thinh, a staff representative of the U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group, at


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Hundreds of thousands of people in Vietnam continue to be affected by the long-term impact of Agent Orange. In 2010, Thuy Vu of CBS5 News traveled to Vietnam, her homeland, to investigate this tragic legacy of a war that ended nearly four decades ago.