Make Agent Orange History

Make Agent Orange History is a collaborative effort to raise awareness of the long-term effects of Agent Orange in Vietnam, highlight solutions to the problem and connect individuals, foundations and non-governmental organizations with opportunities to get involved. Make Agent Orange History is a project of Active Voice and the Aspen Institute with support from the Ford Foundation.


In early 2010, we heard about a high school student from Hanoi-Amsterdam High School who came to the U.S. to finish up her final year at Washington, D.C.’s School Without Walls. For her senior project, she decided to focus on generating support for families in Vietnam who suffer the effects of Agent Orange. In addition to putting together educational materials, a video and an informational event, she started a Facebook group to create a community of supporters. She named the group Make Agent Orange History, and rallied her fellow students and community members to raise over $1,000 for health care and rehabilitative services in Vietnam.

Her inspirational story demonstrates that Agent Orange is a humanitarian concern we can do something about. As a tribute to her vision and determination we’ve named our effort after her work.

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