Make Agent Orange History Materials

Several materials are available to you to learn more about Agent Orange, our effort and to host your own event and help spread the word online.

  • Event Toolkit: Here you will find event ideas, framing suggestions, background information and a checklist to assist in the planning of several types of events.
  • Banner: Download our banner and post it to your website or blog to help raise awareness of this important humanitarian concern.
  • Flyer Template: Use this flyer template to create great promotional flyers for your own Make Agent Orange History event.
  • Brochure: Use our brochure to host a small group dialogue or familiarize yourself and your friends with the issue (the brochure cannot be downloaded but we can mail you printed copies). Email us to inquire.

Agent Orange Fact Sheets

The Aspen Institute and the U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group have published several fact sheets where you can find detailed background information on Agent Orange/dioxin, its health and environmental impact, and the efforts of the U.S. Vietnam Dialogue Group.

  • Agent Orange Chronology: Starting with the deployment of the first U.S. military advisers to South Vietnam and ending with the 2010 congressional appropriation for clean up and remediation of Agent Orange/dioxin in Vietnam.
  • Agent Orange Glossary: From the definition of dioxin to the name of the committee in the Vietnamese government responsible for coordinating Agent Orange/dioxin policies.
  • Agent Orange Overview: An overview of the continuing impact of Agent Orange and the plan to address its toxic legacy.
  • Health Effects: Learn the many health consequences associated with exposure to Agent Orange/dioxin and how dangerous the toxic herbicide can be.
  • Hot Spots: About Agent Orange ‘hot spots’ and what can be done to clean up contaminated soil and remove dioxin from the land.
  • Hot Spots in the United States: Several U.S. communities at or near Agent Orange manufacturing or storage sites continue to report dioxin levels above recommended safety standards.
  • Impact on U.S Veterans: The U.S. government position on Agent Orange/dioxin and its impact on millions of U.S. veterans who served during the war in Vietnam.
  • The Plan of Action: Download the full U.S. Vietnam Dialogue Group’s Declaration and Plan of Action for addressing the toxic legacy and continuing impact of Agent Orange/dioxin in Vietnam.
  • Resources for Additional Study: Books, articles, films, websites and more places to find additional information on Agent Orange/dioxin and the effort to restore hope and affirm the dignity of affected Vietnamese.
  • Restoring Damaged Ecosystems: Agent Orange/dioxin spraying denuded or heavily defoliated nearly 5 million acres forest in southern Vietnam. This has impacted both the land and the people who live there, but reforestation is both possible and necessary.
  • Solutions for Vietnam: What can be done to help to people of Vietnam, including efforts to date and what is needed moving forward.
  • The U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group: The U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group is an bi-national committee of private citizens, scientists and policy makers working to resolve the legacy of Agent Orange in Vietnam. Click here for a list of Dialogue Group members.
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