Agent Orange Films

Several great films have documented the impact of Agent Orange/dioxin. These films highlight the resilience, fortitude and decency of the Vietnamese people. Please take a look at these short clips and watch the stories of Vietnam.

Agent Orange: A Personal Requiem. Masako Sakata’s story of going to Vietnam to better understand Agent Orange, after her husband died from cancer believed to be caused by his exposure to it. (2006, 66 min)

Agent Orange: 30 Years Later. Written and Directed by John Trinh. Tells the story of several victims of Agent Orange exposed when it was sprayed during the war. (2008, 56 min)

The Friendship Village. Directed by Michelle Mason, an award-winning 50-minute documentary about an international group of veterans who built a village in Vietnam for children with Agent Orange-related disabilities. (2002, 51 min)

HDNet World Report: Vietnam’s Lingering Ghost: Facing the Legacy of Agent Orange. Directed by Kira Kay, Executive Produced for HDNet by Dennis O’Brien. A news report by correspondent Greg Dobbs who travels to Vietnam to report on the long-term impacts (both human and environmental) of Agent Orange in Vietnam. (2009, 54 min)

Last Ghost of War. Directed by Janet Gardner and produced by Gardner and Pham Quoc Thai. Tells the story of Vietnamese plaintiffs in a class action suit against the chemical companies that produced Agent Orange. (2008, 54 min)

Through Their Eyes. Directed by Jackee Chang. A young Vietnamese-American goes to Vietnam on a journey to understand the current situation of Agent Orange-affected Vietnam. (2010, 74 min)

Vietnam: The Secret Agent. Directed by Jacki Ochs. The first comprehensive look at dioxin, the contaminant of domestic herbicides and Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. (1983, 56 min)

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