“The Leaves Keep Falling” is an award winning short film by Vietnam Reporting Project fellows Ed Kashi and Catherine Karnow.

In “Vietnam Revisited” Vietnam Reporting Project fellow and CBS5 reporter Thuy Vu reports from Vietnam on the continuing impact of Agent Orange/dioxin.
Part 1: Vietnam and Agent Orange, 35 Years Later Part 2: Vietnam Soldiers Still Suffer From Agent Orange

“Agent Orange: A Terrible Legacy”, by photo journalist and Vietnam Reporting Project fellow Catherine Karnow, documents two families who continue to struggle with the legacy of Agent Orange in Vietnam.


Since 2000, more than $90 million has been committed to solving the legacy of Agent Orange in Vietnam.
Make Agent Orange History_dioxin_Vietnam_Aspen Pie Chart

Photos from Vietnam Reporting Project fellow Catherine Karnow’s report on the continuing impact of Agent Orange in Vietnam. Read an interview with Karnow here.

Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_catherinekarnow12 Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_catherinekarnow2
Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_catherinekarnow3 Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_catherinekarnow4
Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_catherinekarnow5 Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_catherinekarnow6
Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_catherinekarnow7 Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_catherinekarnow5
Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_catherinekarnow9 Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_catherinekarnow10
Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_catherinekarnow11 Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_catherinekarnow1


  • Agent Orange Record: Provides accurate and unbiased information about the ongoing health and environmental impacts of dioxin-contaminated herbicides used during the war in Vietnam and in other areas of the world.
  • Vietnam Reporting Project: Produces quality, in-depth journalism content on the continuing impact of Agent Orange/dioxin across multiple media platforms.
  • Aspen Institute Agent Orange in Vietnam Program: Exceptional resource for learning the details of this issue. This website provides background information and fact sheets on everything from health effects to solutions for Vietnam and Agent Orange’s impact on U.S. veterans.

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