Charles Bailey, Aspen Institute


A grantmaker with over 30 years of experience supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide, Charles Bailey has devoted his life to helping people in need. After spending a decade in Hanoi as the director of the Ford Foundation’s Vietnam office, he became acutely aware of the long-term effects of Agent Orange/dioxin and has since become committed to ending the legacy.

In 2007, Bailey helped establish Ford’s Special Initiative on Agent Orange/Dioxin in Vietnam, a philanthropic initiative which seeks to transform dioxin-contaminated “hotspots” into clean, safe environments and to serve families facing related health issues. Through support of NGOs in the U.S. and Vietnam, Bailey has played a significant role in reducing the public health impact of Agent Orange in Vietnam and fostering dialogue and awareness worldwide.

In May 2011 Charles and the Ford Foundation’s landmark work on Agent Orange transitioned to the Aspen Institute.  Over just a few months with the Aspen Institute, Bailey has developed a new public-private partnership among local government, the Rockefeller Foundation, Hyatt Hotels, Children of Vietnam, and other partners to provide improved services to children with disabilities—regardless of cause—near one of the Agent Orange hotspots in Da Nang. The new partnership is already receiving accolades and was heralded at the 2011 Clinton Global Initiative meetings.

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