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For over 20 years, Hatfield Consultants has been a global leader in the assessment and monitoring of ultra-trace levels of Agent Orange/dioxin in the environment. Hatfield has worked collaboratively on the Agent Orange/dioxin issue since the early 1990s, in association with partner organizations in Vietnam and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

In 2000, Hatfield received the Mark Drake Award Recognizing Excellence in Communicating International Cooperation Issues for the company’s contribution to the Agent Orange/dioxin issue in Vietnam. In recognition of Hatfield’s contribution to the field of international development, the company also received the Nexen Award for Excellence in Corporate Social and Ethical Responsibility in 2007.

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Hatfield Consultants educates residents of the Aluoi District about the risks posed by landmines and Agent Orange/dioxin.

Since 1994, Hatfield has worked on a number of Agent Orange/dioxin assessment and mitigation programs in Vietnam. Earlier work focused on investigations of the scale of the dioxin issue in several provinces of Vietnam, particularly in Aluoi District, Thanh Tien Hue Province.  Following this research, Hatfield and our Vietnamese partners played a key role in identification of known dioxin hotspots near former US military installations in southern Vietnam.  Between 2006 and 2009, Hatfield successfully implemented a complex assessment and mitigation program entitled Assessment of Dioxin Contamination in the Environment and Human Population in the Vicinity of the Da Nang Airbase, which is recognized as the most comprehensive dioxin assessment conducted in Vietnam to date. Elevated levels of dioxin were recorded in both the environment and human population at Da Nang Airport, and interim mitigation measures were implemented with funding from Ford Foundation.

Hatfield is currently working with CDM International (with funding through USAID) to design a comprehensive dioxin remediation program at Da Nang Airport. Hatfield is also presently (2010-2011) working with Ford Foundation to conduct an assessment of dioxin at the Bien Hoa Airbase, to determine potential environmental and human exposure at this key dioxin hotspot site.

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