Michael Livingston, National Council of Churches


When Michael Livingston went to Vietnam last spring, he didn’t quite know what was in store. The former executive director of the International Council of Community Churches and the current director of National Council of Church’s Poverty Initiative joined a delegation of faith leaders who went to Vietnam in May 2010 to learn about the legacy of Agent Orange/dioxin in Vietnam. Deeply moved by his interactions with children affected by the poison, and heartened by the humanitarian work being done to help them, Livingston returned to the U.S. with a new found drive to generate support for the afflicted. He has since endorsed the Plan of Action and continues to write and speak extensively about his experience in country.

For a more detailed account of the trip, read Reverend Livingston’s blog.

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March 9, 2012 at 9:04 am

This event is a proof for what I have believed for a long time. Vietnamese edtusnts can lead their country forward by the power of their brains. But this country does need a great revolution in the way its leaders think and act:1- A good investment in the seeming impractical’ branches of science like math, theoretical physic, philosophy. There will be no real power of a country with the absence of inventions and discoveries. Abstracted and impractical’ sciences will be the back bone for these. 2- A revolution in the current educational system. Student needs to be trained to be a scientist, not to be a politician or lawyer! It means they need to think and reason like a rational subject, not only repeat and apply blindly the fact they learn! A small high quality number of professors will give out high qualityteachers at the highschool. It seems that vn has not paid attention to revolutionize its educational system. It has many edtusnts oversea on many areas, but not education! 3-