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“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.” – Helen Keller

America is at its best when it responds to humanitarian concerns and works to promote hope and dignity among people in need. We all have an opportunity to do this in Vietnam today and close wounds from the past.

There are many ways we can do something about the legacy of Agent Orange in Vietnam. From spreading the word to doing service work in country, every action continues with our traditions of demonstrating courage, character and concern for others on the world stage – and brings us all one step closer to making Agent Orange history.


The U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group has released a 10-year Plan of Action calling on the U.S. and Vietnamese governments to join with other nations, foundations, businesses and nonprofits in a partnership to end the legacy of Agent Orange in Vietnam.


Students at the Matsunaga Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution participate in an innovative mock-dialogue on the legacy of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

Most Americans are unaware that Agent Orange continues to have an impact today, but your voice can make the difference. Help put Agent Orange on the public radar by letting your friends and family know you care.


Bringing people together to work toward a common cause can be very powerful. Groups around the country are hosting fundraisers, informational events and local speaking tours. We’ll provide advice on how to get started and resources to make the most out of your event.


There are responsible, dedicated organizations that provide services, education and opportunities to affected families in Vietnam. War Legacies Project, Children of Vietnam and East Meets West Foundation all offer tiered donation levels to help you understand how your money will be spent. Your contribution – big or small – can save a life.


Do you have any special skills like knowledge of the Vietnamese language, experience providing medical care or rehabilitative services or technical skills? If so, we may be able to connect you with volunteer opportunities in Vietnam and the United States.

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