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There are several NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) hard at work to promote hope and honor the dignity of the millions of people who have been affected by Agent Orange. Helping innocent children and families can heal us all. Consider making a donation to one of these worthy champions of the cause.

Support Early Intervention and Education for Vietnamese Families

War Legacies Project focuses on the long-term impacts of war. WLP works to develop a fuller understanding of the costs of war, foster dialogue on its impact and conduct programs to mitigate the impacts of war at home and abroad.

Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_House2

Pham Tay and his renovated home with a new weather tight roof in Duc Lan Hamlet, Mo Duc, Quang Ngai. Supported by funds donated to WLP in memory of US veteran, Bob Feldman

WLP’s current efforts are focused on the long-term health and environmental impacts of the use of Agent Orange during the war in Vietnam. Donations go directly to families in need. Your support will help fund early detection and prevention, education for the disabled and direct support for families to care for loved ones.

  • $20 pays for a month of intensive early intervention for a child.
  • $250 provides a year of early intervention (physical therapy, occupational therapy, specialized education) for a child under six.
  • $350 will help a family start a small at home business or provide a child a scholarship for vocational training.
  • $1000 will enable a family to construct a simple house.
  • $2000 covers the yearly operating cost for a classroom for children with developmental and/or physical disabilities who have dropped out of the local school.

Donate to War Legacies Project.

Provide Medical Services for Disabled Children

Children of Vietnam’s Hope System of Care (HSC) provides critical services to the poorest disabled children in Vietnam, including those affected by exposure to Agent Orange/dioxin. HSC provides wraparound services such as educational/vocational training, medical services, assistive technology and equipment, nutritional aid, micro-loans and housing assistance. The ultimate goal is to facilitate each child’s maximum integration into their community through physical, social and emotional recovery.

Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_Hoang T M Trang with scholarship

Trang is a 12 year old with cerebral palsy. She has a sunny disposition and loves to learn. Through COV she attends the Thanh Tam Special School with a scholarship and receives weekly rehabilitation to improve her muscle tone.

Donations to Children of Vietnam’s HSC will provide disabled children and their families with much needed care:

  • $40 supports children’s holiday events, parent education materials and monthly parent group meetings.
  • $100 provides food, milk, rice, medicine, toilet paper, clothes, and beds.
  • $155 provides yearly school fees, school materials, lunch, transportation, and tutoring.
  • $170 buys wheelchairs, rehabilitation & adaptive equipment, hearing aides, and prosthetics for the disabled.
  • $375 provides stable housing, hygienic in-door latrine, potable water and electric installment.
  • $500 supports vocational training fees, lunch, transportation, and speech and physical therapy practice.

Donate to Children of Vietnam.

Help Disabled Vietnamese Fulfill Their Potential

East Meets West Foundation’s Life Is Beautiful Campaign highlights the different abilities and talents of disabled Vietnamese – including those affected by Agent Orange/dioxin.

Agent Orange_Vietnam_dioxin_Hoang T M Trang with scholarship

Born with cerebral palsy, Pham Thi Van received physical therapy and job training through East Meets West. Her job as a seamstress has brought her a degree of independence she once only dreamed of.

The campaign raises funds to support individuals through direct assistance that helps them realize their full potential. Despite their physical limitations, each disabled person possesses the talent and potential to make meaningful contributions to society. With effective support, these talents can flourish.

  • $20 provides a household connection to clean, piped water.
  • $85 provides one a child with a year’s scholarship for primary school.
  • $300 provides one disabled person with corrective surgery and a prosthetic device.
  • $2,000 provides a critically ill child with lifesaving heart surgery.

Donate to East Meets West Foundation’s Life is Beautiful Campaign.

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