Plan an Event

The continuing impact of Agent Orange/dioxin in Vietnam is a humanitarian concern we can do something about. Join the Make Agent Orange History effort by hosting an event that brings together friends, family and community members to learn about this persistent issue and take action in support of Vietnamese families.

Below are a few ideas to get you started, none of which are mutually exclusive. Depending on your capacity and goals, you might decide to do a hybrid of a few options or just come up with something entirely different. We can offer resource materials, technical assistance and can help you frame Agent Orange in a local context. Check out our Event Planning Toolkit for detailed ideas on how to get started and get the most out of your event. We also have Informational brochures for distribution available.

We want your event to be as successful as possible. Email us to learn how we can help.

Join the dialogue

Whether you’re convening people in your dorm room, living room or church basement, holding a dialogue with a small group can be a very productive first step in sparking long-term action. Show the Make Agent Orange History animated video and share the Plan of Action to spark a dialogue on the problem, solutions and how your community can help.

Show a Film

By putting a human face on complex issues, film has the ability to engage people on an emotional level and create a springboard for deeper learning and action. Check out the Films page for ideas.

Plan a Fundraiser

Many organizations in Vietnam could benefit from financial contributions. We’ve listed some of them here. Host a yard sale, bake sale, happy hour, art exhibit, date auction or film screening to generate interest and support for Agent Orange relief efforts. Fundraisers can be a great way to engage people because they are fun and require only a small contribution from participants.

Organize a Campus Event

Whether you are student, faculty or staff, your college or university is a good place to engage potential advocates and supporters. Partner with your campus’ Vietnamese Student Association (if there is one) and identify other groups on campus that might be interested in joining your effort.

Host an Expert Presentation

Having knowledgeable speakers lends credibility to any event and allows your audience to become more engaged as they interact with an expert. Several U.S.-based experts may be available to attend your event. You can also look in your own backyard to identify international law experts, global health specialists or Asian American history scholars.

Capture Your Event on Camera

You can inspire action far beyond your own neighborhood or campus by capturing your event on camera. Email us pictures or video and we’ll share your story with the Make Agent Orange History community (only with your permission, of course.)

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