In Honor of Those Who Served


Happy Veterans Day! Hundreds of thousands of U.S. veterans know well the continuing impact of Agent Orange. They were exposed during their service in Vietnam and many of these brave men and women — and their families — continue to suffer from conditions associated with Agent Orange.  It’s tragic, but there is help.


Image courtesy of Regan Fuller on Flickr.

There are many places veterans can turn for information on Agent Orange. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has information on conditions presumed to be associated with exposure to Agent Orange, as well as general information on Agent Orange benefits and compensation online. Agent Orange Record has some good background information on the impact of Agent Orange on U.S. veterans, and Vietnam Veterans of America has put together an excellent resource for veterans seeking to understand their options for benefits and compensation.

As many veterans will attest, knowing what benefits you might qualify for and actually receiving those benefits are two different things. Fortunately there are several veterans’ service organizations that can help. Vietnam Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion and Disabled American Veterans all provide services free of charge to help veterans navigate the sometimes complicated process of applying for benefits and compensation for conditions associated with Agent Orange.

Finally, there are many support groups and organizations veterans and their families can turn to, and there are a few communities specifically for those who are dealing with problems associated with Agent Orange. These include Agent Orange Legacy, Children of Vietnam Veterans, Daughters of Vietnam Veterans and Faces of Agent Orange.

The legacy of Agent Orange in both the United States and Vietnam is grim, but together we can make a difference. Thank you to all who served.

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