Make Agent Orange History partners

There are many organizations engaged in important work to make Agent Orange history, from philanthropy and public education to humanitarian services and environmental cleanup. Make Agent Orange History partners include the following:

Long-term Partners

Active Voice

Active Voice uses film, television and digital media to spark social change. Our team of strategic communications specialists works with media makers, funders, advocates and thought leaders to put a human face on the issues of our times. Since our inception in 2001, Active Voice has built a diverse portfolio of campaigns focusing on issues including immigration, criminal justice, health care and sustainability.

Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute Agent Orange in Vietnam Program is a multi-year project to help Americans and Vietnamese address the continuing health and environmental impact of herbicides sprayed in Vietnam during the war. The program promotes dialogue within the US policy community, and between the United States and Vietnam.

Communications Consortium Media Center

The Communications Consortium Media Center (CCMC) coordinates the Agent Orange in Vietnam Information Initiative, an effort to raise the awareness and engagement of key U.S. groups in a humanitarian plan of action to address the legacy of the herbicide Agent Orange in Vietnam.

Ford Foundation

Since 2000, the Ford Foundation has supported efforts to respond to the legacy of Agent Orange and dioxin. Ford grantees are reducing danger to at-risk communities through dioxin containment and public health measures, increasing awareness in the United States around these issues, and providing services and support to restore the environment in Vietnam.

Vietnam Reporting Project

This new project strives to raise public awareness, spark national conversation, and stimulate problem solving on the legacy of the Vietnam War through the dissemination of quality, in-depth journalism content across multiple media platforms, and by leveraging the mainstream, ethnic and social media.

War Legacies Project

War Legacies Project provides an authoritative and comprehensive center to promote public education and support for solutions to the Agent Orange legacy of the war in Vietnam. War Legacies Project also works to connect donors in the US to NGOs in Vietnam working on Agent Orange-related issues.

VIETFellows: An Initiative of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP) is a national membership and philanthropic advocacy organization dedicated to advancing philanthropy and Asian American/Pacific Islander communities. Its latest initiative, VIET Fellows, is designed to engage the Vietnamese-American community in a collaborative information and advocacy initiative on the Agent Orange legacy.


Agent Orange Legacy

Agent Orange Legacy is dedicated to improving the lives of the children of Vietnam veterans and families of veterans exposed to Agent Orange that have fallen victim to a legacy of birth defects, some known and many more not yet identified, chronic illness and pain, emotional and behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, developmental disabilities and other conditions as a result of their parents service in Vietnam and exposure to toxins such as Agent Orange.

Agent Orange Record

The Agent Orange Record (AOR) provides accurate and unbiased information about the ongoing health and environmental impacts of dioxin-contaminated herbicides used during the war in Vietnam and in other areas of the world. In addition to providing information, AOR fosters constructive dialogue in order to help find a solution to the on-going health and environmental effects. AOR aims to encourage others to actively get involved in this issue by providing their expertise, their time or their money to help the many organizations who are working to address this issue as it impacts Americans, Vietnamese and many others around the world where Agent Orange/dioxin has left its destructive legacy.

Cheer for Vietnam

Cheer for Vietnam has been dedicated to economic, educational and cultural projects in Vietnam since 1993. Its “Healing the Wounds of War” project focuses on the legacy of war that continues to profoundly impact the environment, health and economic development of the people in central Vietnam’s A Loui Valley.

Children of Vietnam

Children of Vietnam is dedicated to providing aid to disadvantaged children in Vietnam. Its “Hope System of Care” program is a special initiative that provides individualized social services to children and young adults with Agent Orange-related disabilities in Da Nang’s Ngu Hanh Son district.

Common Cause

Common Cause is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to restoring the core values of American democracy, reinventing an open, honest and accountable government that serves the public interest, and empowering ordinary people to make their voices heard in the political process.

East Meets West Foundation

East Meets West Foundation’s primary mission is to serve the poor and the disadvantaged in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. EMW’s new initiative, “Life Is Beautiful” is an innovative global fundraising and media campaign that directly connects donors and organizations that are implementing best practices with people who have disabilities in Vietnam.

Friendship Village Project USA

The Vietnam Friendship Village is a residential facility located in Hanoi, Vietnam that provides medical care, physical therapy, education and vocational training to Vietnamese children and elders with a range of maladies presumed to be caused by Agent Orange. Through raising support for this “village” in collaboration with other groups based in Vietnam, France, Germany, Japan and Canada, Vietnam Friendship Village Project USA provides opportunities for U.S. citizens to be part of an international community working to heal the wounds of war and create a model of cross-cultural cooperation based on caring, friendship and mutual respect.

Healthy Child Healthy World

Healthy Child Healthy World has been a national leader for nearly two decades, igniting a movement of awareness and responsibility. They inform and inspire millions of people to take action and create cleaner, greener, safer environments where children and families can flourish.

Kids Without Borders

Kids Without Borders works to involve and inspire youth through service worldwide. It was launched as a school service project for students to sort clothes and donated items for children in the community. Today, the organization supports and works with children in more than 30 countries.

One Vietnam Network

OneVietnam Network is a global online network for the Vietnamese community – designed to connect millions of Vietnamese expatriates worldwide and to rejuvenate community involvement and philanthropy.

SPIRAL Foundation

The SPIRAL (Spinning Potential into Resources and Love) Foundation is a nonprofit humanitarian organization working for the past 13 years in Vietnam with Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy, Office of Genetic Counseling and Disabled Children, funding heart surgeries for children born with congenital heart disease. We produce eco-friendly ‘gift of giving back’ items made with care to clean the environment and provide fair employment for needy artisans while helping those in need.

Vietnam Association for the Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin (VAVA)

Since December 2003, VAVA has been the only officially recognized non-governmental organization in Vietnam representing the victims of Agent Orange/dioxin on a national, provincial and district and commune level. VAVA mobilizes, receives, and coordinates assistance from organizations and individuals, and speaks on behalf of victims in international and home forums. It undertakes studies needed to provide services to victims and advises the government on Agent Orange policy matters. VAVA provides educational information to victims and to the public at large, and mobilizes a day of national support for AO victims August 10th each year, the anniversary of the first AO spraying in Vietnam. VAVA raises funds and coordinates support activities nationally and internationally.

Vietnam Assistance for the Handicapped

Vietnam Assistance for the Handicapped is working to upgrade social services and organize self-help groups for people with disabilities associated with dioxin in two provinces in Vietnam, and to encourage Vietnamese Americans to support program expansion.

Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation

Founded in 1978, Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF) is a humanitarian organization that addresses consequences of war through programs of advocacy and service in Vietnam.

Vietnam Volunteer Network

The Vietnam Volunteer Network (VVN) is a 100% volunteer organization founded by Kim Nguyen Browne, who was one of the last babies to leave Saigon at the end of the war and was adopted by a British couple. Since 2007 the VVN has provided aid as well as numerous volunteers from around the world to help the children in Vietnam, especially those who suffer from Agent Orange related illnesses, disabilities and malformations.

Local Partners

Rotary Club of San Francisco

The Rotary Club of San Francisco consists of over 200 members and is the second oldest club in the United States. The Club began with community service projects following the Great Earthquake of 1906 and later branched into international service projects after Rotary Clubs were chartered in other nations. Among the international projects of the Rotary Club of San Francisco are several involving Vietnam including medical missions and group study exchanges.

Muslim Alliance of Indiana

Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI) is a statewide Muslim organization in Indiana. It is committed to connecting Indiana’s Muslim Hoosiers together and to encourage civic engagement. MAI publishes a quarterly magazine, hosts an annual convention and organizes the Governors Annual Iftar (Fast-breaking), a legal clinic and a refugee program. MAI is committed to establishing social justice programs that benefit Hoosiers regardless of their faith.

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